Software Development Project Team

There can be several roles involved in a Software Development Project Team. Project Managers have specific responsibilities for each phase of the project. They include but are not limited to: Project Leader – / Lead – Fundamental responsibilities of this role include: Coordinating and validating information From Investors and Contractors. Functioning as liaison between Investors and Contractors. Developing and implementing business strategies in regard to the product. Raising Money for the Project““A software development project manager is a person who coordinates the work of several individuals on a particular software project. A project manager typically holds the position of a team lead or holds responsibility for a small team of developers on a given project. Every software development project includes at least one person who works under the supervision of a project manager. Working directly with stakeholders during the development of a software product is an essential role of this role. A project manager does not only oversee development of the product but also guides interested parties during the negotiation and implementation of any contract terms that may be required by either party involved in the project.