The Software Development Project Team

The Software Development Project Team provides the leadership, management, and decision making for a given software development project. The Project Manager coordinates the work of individuals involved in the software development project and ensures that objectives are met. The responsibilities of the Project Manager include:Leadership – The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the overall management and performance of the project. This might include planning and supervising meetings, delegating resources, and providing weekly reports to senior management. Manage Projects – The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the completion of all deliverables by the deadline set by management. Schedule & Approve Requests – The Project Manager reviews requests for change requests from contractors and coordinates changes before acceptance by management.
A good project manager creates a vision for the team, discusses potential contract and personnel matters with other team members, ensures team members are productive as possible within defined time frames and doesn’t let projects stall due to lack of resources or people.  A good project manager knows how to manage the project, its progress and the results. He or she communicates regularly with HR, upper management and key stakeholders to keep everyone update on the status of projects.