Software Development Project Team

There can be several roles involved in a Software Development Project Team. Project Managers have specific responsibilities for each phase of the project. They include but are not limited to: Project Leader – / Lead – Fundamental responsibilities of this role include: Coordinating and validating information From Investors and Contractors. Functioning as liaison between Investors and Contractors. Developing and implementing […]

The Software Development Project Team

The Software Development Project Team provides the leadership, management, and decision making for a given software development project. The Project Manager coordinates the work of individuals involved in the software development project and ensures that objectives are met. The responsibilities of the Project Manager include:Leadership – The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the overall management and performance of the […]

Outsourcing Benefits

If you are a business owner, outsourced web development can help you increase revenue and reach your potential customers. As a freelance developer you can work on projects without worrying about time limitations or competition from other freelancers. Projects undertaken by a third party may even be completed faster than ones undertaken by you – potentially resulting in an increased […]

How AI can help diagnose neurological disease

A retinal scan and AI can detect tiny eye movements that can help diagnose and treat difficult neural disorders much earlier than before. More about artificial intelligence What if you could diagnose multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and concussions with a 10-second scan of the retina? Now, a combination of cellular-level imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) […]

The Best VPN Services of 2021

We’ve all thoughtlessly joined a public Wi-Fi network before, whether it’s standing in line for coffee and checking our emails, hopping onto the subway’s public network to see if it was still raining or logging into the library’s Wi-Fi to catch up on some work. But browsing the web on public Wi-Fi networks is not the safest practice when it […]